Kansbol with Polymer Sheath (S)

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This is a reliable outdoor knife that can be used in challenging situations. The ergonomic barrel-shaped polymer handle features a soft friction grip, a finger guard, and a 2.5 mm thick, profile-ground blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel.

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A reliable outdoor knife that can be used in many challenging situations. Designed for the hunter and adventurer, the knife is an excellent choice when you need a safe and robust tool close at hand. The recycled Swedish stainless steel blade has long-lasting sharpness. It is also compatible with a fire starter.

The ergonomic barrel-shaped polymer handle features a soft friction grip, finger guard and a 2.5 mm thick, profile-ground blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel, which provides both strength and stability in every cut. Thanks to the blade and handle design, the knife is ideal for working safely and efficiently in various weather conditions during all seasons of the hunt. The polymer knife sheath is symmetrical, which means it suits both right and left-handed users, and has a leather strap made of Swedish vegetable-tanned leather that can be attached easily to your belt. Compatible with Morakniv Multi-Mount Kit for Kansbol.

Brand: Morakniv

Knife Series: Kansbol

Knife Type: All-round

Usage Area: Bushcraft, Hunting, Outdoor

Colour: Burnt Orange, Green

Country of origin: SE

Blade Length: 109 mm

Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm

Knife Length: 226 mm

Total Length: 250 mm

Net Weight: 134,0 g

Steel Type: Recycled Swedish Stainless Steel

Blade Shape: Straight

Blunt Tip: No

Fire Steel Compatible: Yes

Flex Grade: Stiff

Serrated Edge: No

Serrated Spine: No

Handle Material: TPE-rubber

Handedness: Left Handed, Right Handed

Edge Protection: Polymer Sheath

Sheath Orientation: Left, Right

Fit for Children: No

MOLLE-compatible: No

Floating: No

NSF Certified: No

  1. One of my favourite knives, a perfect tool for bushcraft and outdoor activities. Almost perfect even after an year of intense use.


  2. It’s amazing and different…one of the best!!!

    Cesc Sonera

  3. Absolutly brilliant knife, ive owned mine for a few years now and the blade is still pristine. Kansbol is really easy to sharpen and keep sharp. suits camping, fishing, hunting and general use. I have mine complimented with an Eldris too, for close or detail work.

    Daniel Povlsen

  4. This is the most versatile Mora and the best overall knife they make, because it also comes with a better safer sheath that their common knives lack. It’s not a Bushcraft knife like the Bushcraft Black is, it’s a versatile outdoor companion knife (better companion, than their Companion model) that can do way more than the other models. Either Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Carving wood, Food prep, any outdoor activites, this is the knife that can do it all!
    I wish, they also produced the Kansbol, the Companion and Mora 2000, in Full flat Grind versions. I think, that their sales, would hit the roof if Morakniv did something like that!!!


  5. Excellent all round knife,i am very pleased with my mora kansbol. It has done everything i have wanted it for.

    David ahrens

    E X C E L E N T.

    ROBERTO NAVA (Mexico)

  7. The knife is very tasty — shape, color, quality and steel. All is on a very high level. Mora. Should be more.


  8. I got tha knife a few days ago and im in love with every single thing it has to offer.
    Its perfect for feather sticking
    You can also do some w ood spliting (just be gentle if you want to split like huge logs buy the morakniv gerberg its better for batoning).
    The handle has to be one of the best in the market, no matter how you hold it the handle is comftable
    The sheath is very nice, the knife locks in the sheath very well and holds the knife in place
    O love the fact that its made for right and left handed people because im right handed and my wife is left.
    And finaly a very nice thing is that mine came shaving sharp.
    I totaly recomend this knife
    Mora did a amazing job!!!

    Alexandros Michalakopoulos

  9. I loved this Knife so much that i bought two of them in green and orange. As stated before its not a full tang, but its a jack of all trades. Very ergonomic, can be used as a fine food cutter, splitting wood, carving, and even processing game/fish. It has an impressive 90* spine which allows you to strike a firerod/starter with ease. Finally it does not break the bank! Out of all the knives i own, this one is my favorite.


  10. This knife was recommended to me by a well-known Bushcraft expert. I took it on a camping trip recently.
    1. Although it’s not a full tang knife, I found that it was durable when batoning wood throughout the weekend.
    2. It made creating tinder by feathering sticks very easy.
    3. The grind on the spine produced a lot of sparks when using it with my ferro rod.
    4. Finally, it was great for finely slicing food including steak and vegetables.
    I would highly recommend it.


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Fire Steel Compatible

This knife has a ground spine. The blade hasn’t been polished/buffed and the spine corners are sharp, which make knives with this grinding excellent for use with a fire starter. The adventure awaits!

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