Morakniv Enamel Mug

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Kockum’s enamelled cups are real classics. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee by the campfire. This cup is manufactured with care and accuracy in Serbia in a 60-year old enamel factory focusing on the best quality and with the greatest possible consideration for man and environment. It holds those cherished memories of childhood adventures and your hopes of memories still to be made. Just like Morakniv, a part of you and your adventure.

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  1. I have 3 of these and everytime I show them to anyone they ask where to get them. One came from here, one came from the concept store and one was a free gift from a knife store. So cool 😎 but I need another grey one to make up the set.

    Gal Jones

  2. I purchased this as a gift to a man who loves Moraknivs. He absolutely loved it !! Thank you so much for wrapping it too.

    Donna (verified owner)

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