Morakniv Woodcarving Kit

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Carve the wooden horse and let it decorate your home in its natural costume, or paint and decorate it in a way that matches your mood. There are no limits! It’s also the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or when you want to give someone a unique gift.





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  1. I own 3 Moraknivs and love them! However, this seems to be more of a starter kit and I think a few additional items should be included. 1. Directions in knife handling. 2. Basic cuts and last but not least; a strop. Maybe a little stropping compound would be nice. I realize that it would increase the price somewhat but when someone is new to carving it’s best to start them off with the basic knowledge and tools they will need.

    David McLeay

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Sweden in a box – literally. Our woodcarving kit includes a classic woodcarving knife no 120 and a pinewood Dala horse blank. It’s a given combination of the two of Sweden’s most famous national symbols. The narrow and pointed knife blade is made of laminated steel, which gives it superior toughness and edge resiliency. The spindle-shaped handle is made of oiled birch wood and creates a good, natural feeling when working. It’s the exact same knife that the craftsmen in the village of Nusnäs have used for ages when carving the world-famous red Dala horses. The kit is the perfect gift, either for yourself or someone you like. Whether young or old, everyone can take out the kit and get in the creative flow with full focus on creating a beautiful piece of craft.

Also, we recommend that you soak the Dala horse before you start carving. By placing the wood in water it becomes softer and easier to carve in.