Poultry Knife 9090 UG

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The handle is made of polyamide with a micro blasted structure for optimum friction, with less prominent finger guard. The 157 mm long blade is made of Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel. Hardness: 58 HRC. Easy to sharpen. Hardened by deep refrigeration at -80 degrees for maximum hardness. Hardness: 58 HRC. This knife is a special order item. This means that the delivery time will be slightly longer. We expect to send your order from us within 2-3 weeks.



Usage Area

Knife Type


Knife Series

Steel Type

Blade Shape

Blade Length

100 mm

Blade Thickness

Fire Steel Compatible


Serrated Edge


Serrated Spine


Blunt Tip


Flex Grade

Edge Protection



Knife Length

233 mm

Handle Material



Fit for Children




Total Length

233 mm

Net Weight

86,0 g

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Product description

Frosts knives are known for their high quailty. Their long lifetime is a strong contributing factor to the success of Frosts knives, providing very positive overall economics – they always win in the end. Our food knives are appreciated by professionals in widely differing parts of the food industry, because we know that every task requires a knife with unique properties. That is why our range is both wide and specialized. This way your Frosts knife becomes a natural part of your profession and your workday.