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Steak Knife Classic Set of 4 (S) – Red


This elegant steak knife takes both the table setting and the culinary experience to new heights. With a distinctive and shimmering red-stained Scandinavian birch wood handle, you can feel the genuine texture of the wood with your fingers.

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The story behind the box

The inspiration for the new elegant gift box of Steak Knife Masur & Classic originates from a simple family lunch that took place around a hundred years ago. By the kitchen table sat the well-known saddler and knife sheath maker Rombo-Anders Ström, an innovative mind, who noticed his son Carl’s brand new Unica lunch box, made of so-called vulcanized fibre. Rombo-Anders was flabbergasted by the look and material of the box as ideas started to take shape about a way to improve his knife sheath manufacturing.

He cut a piece out of the lid of the box, soaked it, and pressed it into the same mold he had been using for decades when making the leather sheats. The result was an astonishing success and the start of vulcanized fibre sheath manufacturing, moreover at half the price compared to the heavy leather sheaths he usually was making for the knife manufacturers in the area.

Following up on Rombo-Anders Ström’s great design thinking, the new gift box has a graphic and colour-theme inspired by the old vulcanized fibre sheath that is part of the amazing history of Morakniv.

We assume that Carl got a new Unica lunch box, after all.