Morakniv & Mora IK Team Jersey

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The small town of Mora is not only known for producing high quality knives, but also for its ice hockey team Mora IK.
So let’s celebrate the two of them. You can now order a signed replica of a team jersey signed by a player and choose your number and name. And as if that wasn’t enough, you will get a special customized Morakniv Mora IK-knife in the team’s colors! (Morakniv Pro S).


Morakniv and Mora IK’s history goes far back in time and is based on a collaboration that not only boost Sweden’s oldest ice hockey team in the countryside, founded in 1935, but also Mora as a society to be reckoned with. Whether it is performance on the ice or with high quality products breaking ground all over the world, Morakniv has since the beginning of the company in 1891 cared about its surroundings and community. The factory is where it has always been and the heart will always be for the team in red, just like the most well-known series manufactured knife in the world with its red shaft and sharp edge – the Morakniv knife.


As a major partner to Mora IK, we now want to further deepen the ties to the ice hockey culture and local community. You can now buy a signed team jersey by one randomly selected player with your own name and number and get the Mora IK knife for free! All profits goes to Mora IK, says Henk Noback, CEO of Morakniv.

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The adult sizes have two-colored numbers and the child sizes one colored.