Woodcarving 105 (LC)

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Our craft knives are well known and greatly appreciated for their sharpness and precision. Not least, the craftsmen in the village of Nusnäs use them to carve one of Sweden’s most famous national symbols, the Dala horse.



Usage Area

Knife Type

Knife Series

Steel Type

Blade Shape

Blade Length

79 mm

Blade Thickness

Fire Steel Compatible


Serrated Edge


Serrated Spine


Blunt Tip


Flex Grade

Edge Protection



Knife Length

200 mm

Handle Material



Fit for Children




Total Length

200 mm

Net Weight

71,2 g

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Product description

Woodcarving 105 has a narrow and pointed knife blade made of laminated steel, which gives it superior toughness and edge resiliency. The full tang, which runs the full length of the handle, gives it strength and stability. Together with the flexible blade, you can work with precision and really get to all the details. The spindle-shaped handle made of oiled birch wood is slightly larger for a proper grip. The wood gives it a natural feeling and also gives you the possibility to form the handle to optimal shape.

We love differences

We are now strengthening our ties to nature and therefore the look of our oiled birch handles can vary more. They can thus be a little darker, lighter, clearer fiber directions or of another beautiful difference. This does not affect the quality in any way but rather gives the craft knives a more personal grip. This knife with the straight laminate steel blades can sometimes be found to have a knotty or unfinished blade surface. It comes from the rollers in the rolling mill where the laminate steel is fused. Three layers of steel are worked together and under tremendous forces a knife blade is created with unmatched toughness and edge resistance. In other words, it is a trace of the solid craftsmanship that our craft knives undergo in manufacturing.