Environment & responsibility

Focusing on the future

Traditionally every little piece of material used in the process of making the knives has been taken care of. Nothing could be wasted, mainly for economical reasons. An example of such a sustainable approach comes from our first factory founded in 1891. There, among other things, sleds were manufactured and the pieces of wood left over in the production of the sleds were used as handles for a completely different product: knives.

Today, we try to work in the same spirit to ensure that we use our materials and the earth’s common assets in the most thoughtful way possible. In addition, the economic aspects are no longer in the main focus. It is a continuous effort to minimize our environmental impact. We are constantly trying to find areas for improvement, where we can streamline our work processes to the benefit of both our own work environment and our shared global environment.

Such an approach – and not least thinking – is an integral part of Morakniv and gives ripples in various fields. On the one hand, it creates economic sustainability in the company, and on the other, an ecological and environmental sustainability as we constantly reduce and prevent our climate impact. We also prioritize the use of renewable and reusable materials. We are also certified according to the quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Ecological, economic and social sustainability are guiding principles for our production. It is our way of showing concern for the world we live in.

Recycling Specification:

A Morakniv is sorted as scrap metal, the sheath as hard plastic and the packaging as paper packaging or plastic packaging.

Social responsibility globally and locally

Social responsibility is as important as securing the environmental future. Our main focus is on supporting initiatives in our local environment. In this way, we can join and support the commitments that are in line with our values of local anchoring.

This means that we, here in Mora, want to support local development and social life in the best possible way. We do this, among other things, by working with various associations and projects, preferably aimed at children and young people.